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Tips for buys during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for Chinese people and the one with the longest vacation time. It is the actual Chinese New Year, during which most factories in China close early, and the resuming time varies from factory to factory. During the Chinese spring festival, there is an increase in staff movement, labor, materials, and logistics costs.

This article will mention a few small tips for first-time buyers or those unfamiliar with Chinese suppliers.

Place orders in advance

Suppose you deal with Chinese suppliers regularly. In that case, you will find that suppliers’ delivery rates and lead times can become very long near the Chinese New Year, especially for large, busy factories where extended lead times even with additional overtime hours per day. The best way to do this is to schedule orders in advance so that factories can schedule reasonably well.

Slow response from sales

During the Chinese New Year, sales are not working in the company. If you have urgent inquiries or questions, it is best to notify sales by phone or social media. Even if it is a holiday, we will still serve every customer as a quick reply Chinese salesman.

Prices may increase after this holiday.

When this long holiday season is over, factories usually update their prices for the new year. At this time, there may be price increases, as many factories will adjust prices appropriately due to shortages in raw material supply and labor. Don’t worry. If it’s only a tiny increase, reliable Chinese factories will cover some costs.

In the new year, as a professional gun factory, we wish all our customers a happy new year, and we will continue to provide high-quality, cost-effective spray guns and give our customers the most satisfactory service.

Happy new year and gongxifacai!

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