How to classify high-pressure and low-pressure air spray guns

In our purchase of spray guns, sellers often boast that their products when the low-pressure spray gun, spraying effect is excellent; when high-pressure spray gun, suitable for spraying high-viscous paints. Is this a correct understanding?

Correct, but not comprehensive. By high-pressure spray gun and low-pressure spray gun, we mean a spray gun that uses compressed air to spray materials into the surface, usually with an air pressure1.5-4.5 Bar. Customers typically choose the suitable spray guns according to spraying, purchase budget, local policies, etc.


How do you distinguish between a high-pressure gun and a low-pressure spray gun?

It is clear and will be from the inlet air pressure, the operating air pressure to distinguish. We generally call the gun into the air pressure 0.5-2.5Bar low-pressure gun, into the air pressure between 3.5-4.5Bar become a high-pressure gun.

What are the pros and cons of high and low-pressure guns?

High-pressure spray guns


-For paint viscosity requirements are not high, fine atomization, fast transfer speed, high efficiency

-Simple and easy to start, do not need too much spraying skills, suitable for DIY enthusiasts


-Low transfer efficiency only 25-35%, large dispersion, waste of paint

-Large-capacity air compressor required

-Pollution of the environment impact painter’s health

Low-pressure spray guns


-Good atomization performance, slight overspray, less bounce, the high transfer efficiency of more than 65%

-Equipped with a small air compressor

-Required by VOCs directive


-Required the flow of materials; a certain amount of thinner is needed

-Need some spraying skills, not friendly to newcomers

-Low transfer speed and reduced production efficiency

So for their disadvantages, there is currently a medium-pressure gun on the market, his intake pressure between 2.0-2.2bar, the atomization of the acceptable degree of moderate, but can significantly improve working efficiency.

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