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Product Details – Color Match

Whether it’s a custom product for clients or one of our brand spray guns, in addition to the shape of the gun body that will attract the buyer’s attention, there is also a lot to be said for color matching. The perfect color combination will make the gun’s overall aesthetic.

Raw Materials
The primary raw materials of the spray gun are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, plastic, etc. Coloring the surface of raw materials’ beauty can also increase its corrosion resistance and help extend the service life. The treatment of the surface of metal materials has been mentioned in a separate article. Not all surfaces of metals can be finished in the same way. For example, zinc alloy can not be used in the way of Teflon plating; die-casting aluminum can not be used in the course of anodic oxidation. Metal materials have requirements for coloring, predominantly black and other dark colors. To make the eye color attached to the surface is not easy to fall off, but also need to be durable and corrosion-resistant.

We are a professional spray gun manufacturer, with 13 years of experience in the spray gun industry and clients’ feedback, based on the current market more popular color matching to give recommendations. For example, industrial high-pressure spray guns usually maintain the original metallic color, the overall glossy or matt color. In contrast, the automotive spray guns, the appearance of color is more diverse, which is related to the personality of the painters. Some prefer a subdued black or matt green, but also like the blue and purple nature. Besides, we also provide customization services to match the color and customize according to the brand’s primary color.

Price Level
The color scheme of the gun is also inseparable from the price. I’m sure you’ve seen that the high-grade spray guns on the market will make people feel very comfortable, from the gun body to adj. knobs. If you touch the real thing, more will feel that this is a work of art. The relatively cheap gun, although you can also imitate the same color scheme, due to the difference in raw materials and craftsmanship, in the end, it is still slightly inferior.

In today’s market, high-end spray guns are gradually becoming a luxury item combined with being a tool. Many brands are launching co-branded and limited models as collectors’ items in addition to single colors. Without considering the practicality of the problem, there is still a specific market.

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