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How to fix automotive paint spray gun?

CFC HVLP/APR Lightweight spray gun

The repair of the HVLP/APR spray gun is a big headache. Especially for beginners. Please refer to the table below to quickly get to know and fix HVLP spray guns.

1. Air leakage around the handleDamaged valve sealingReplace these. As this set was sealed with glue, it’s hard to disassemble. You’d better contact the seller to dispose under warranty.
air valva leakageDamaged valve needle
Damaged valve spring
2. Nozzle leakageThe material needle tightening screw is locked too tightlyLoose screws
nozzle leakageThe paint is not cleaned and clogged with fluid nozzleCheck and clean
Needle spring is damaged or not assembled in placeReplace spring or adjusting properly place
3. Width patten unadjustableThe air distribution ring is not assembled correctly.Check and reassembly
Atomizing components clogged with paintClean
Damaged set of width adjustingCheck and replace
4. Fluttering/spiting sprayFluid tip has not been properly tightenedTighten fluid tip with a universal spanner
Fluttering/spiting spray Mixing air into paint passageTighten the fluid cup and check the sealing
Fluid needle sealing leaks paintTighten fluid needle screw or replace
5. Crescent CrescentThe small holes on both sides of the atomization cap are clogged with dirt, resulting in uneven air output on both sidesRemove the dirty with special cleaning tools
6. Heavy top and bottomAir cap, fluid tip, air distributor ring incorrectly installed or jammed with dirty in a passageReassembly, clean, and tighten the atomizing cap
Heavy top and bottomLoose nozzle or damagedTighten or replace
Air cap hole defectReplace
7. The center of the paint pattern too narrowToo high air pressure or excessive airflowReducing the air pressure and adjusting the airflow with knob
The center of pattern too narrowMaterial too thinRegulate material viscosity
Trouble-shooting graph

Achieving the desired spraying finish requires proper maintenance and care. So do you have any ideas for your blooey spray gun? Hope this article can make your painting work easier.

For any problems you come across with HVLP/ APR spray gun, please leave us a comment.

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