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What kinds of tools are in the service kit for spray guns?

Whether purchasing cheap spray guns or expensive ones, consumers will get a service kit with the product. Depending on the classification and type of product, different tools are equipped. These tools allow for better maintenance and repair of the gun.

What kinds of tools are in the service kit, and how is it used?

Regular tools are:

  • One piece of the multi-faction spanner.
  • One-piece brush.
  • One mini filter.
  • One hex wrench.

The following tools come in the automotive paint spray guns to show how it is used and designed. 

Service kit for automotive spray guns
  • Multi-function spanner

It is a tool equipped with every spray gun, and its primary function is to remove nozzles and partial fasteners. According to international standards and our production standards, a 12-inch special wrench is usually used. Unlike most multifunctional wrenches on the market, we have made significant improvements in the feel and practicality to make them last longer.

  • Brush

It is used for cleaning fluid channels and gun surfaces. The bristles are made of nylon, durable, and not easy to lose. The design of the tail ring can clean the inside of the channel to the maximum extent.

  • Male coupling for air inlet connector

Different countries have their standards for air hoses, such as European(BSPT), Japanese(JPG), and American(NPT) standards. They are fitted with G1/4”. The supplier usually provides the corresponding male connector according to the customer’s standard, plus a gasket to enhance the sealing effect of the connection.

  • Mini filter 

Gravity guns usually use mini-filter at the fluid inlet or at the mouth of the spray paint cup to filter out impurities from the paint. To prevent the spray gun from clogging during use.

  • Hex wrench

The multifunctional hexagonal wrench is used at one end to remove the spray pattern adjustment knob and other parts fixed with hexagonal screws, and the other is to remove the air valve set inside the gun. Because these two parts of the spray guns are the more severe daily wear and tear areas, equipped with a professional tool allows the end-user to replace them.

  • Clip for air distribution ring

This tool is for spray guns with internal air distribution rings. When thoroughly cleaning and replacing, removing the air diffusor ring is often necessary, but it is small and mounted internally. You have to remove it slowly and quickly damaged without the proper tools.

The above tools are equipped with automotive spray guns as a service kit. In addition, accessories will be deleted or added according to the specific structure of the paint gun. Like clip for air distribution ring are not have with the outlet structure. 

Service kit for industrial spray guns

If you purchase industrial spray guns, they will most likely contain only a wrench, a brush, and a male coupling. Unlike car refinishing spray guns, which require more care for maintenance and cleaning. The service kit of industrial guns is more straightforward than auto paint guns. The industrial gun’s internal structure and design are durable, and the cost of the gun is cheaper than car refinishing guns.

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