How to select the right paint cup for your spray working

Usually, pressure-fed air spray guns or airless spray guns are applied for bulk industrial spraying, directly connected to a paint pail. However, we use spray guns with paint cups for general automotive refinishing, small parts, and DIY paintings. This type of gun is more common and easy to use. The choice of spray can is a tiny thing, but it is equally important.

How to select paint cups for spray guns

So how to select the right paint cup for your spray work?

Simply put, the choice is based on the characteristics of the paint, the area to be sprayed, and personal habits. Different fluids have different requirements for paint cups. For example, UV paint is sensitive to light. You need to use black or good shading cans. Spraying a large area requires large capacity cups to save time changing the fluid. Also, some painters prefer to use metal texture pots instead of plastic ones. Because, in their opinion, metal has better corrosion resistance.
Here we will introduce the classification and characteristics of paint cups in detail.

Classification of paint cups for manual spray guns

  1. According to the location of the installation
  • Upper pot: mainly used for gravity guns, the general capacity is not very large; for small areas of spraying, the volume is generally 150ml-600ml
  • Lower pot: is used for siphon guns, with more capacity than the upper pot. It can be used for a large spraying area, and the volume is generally 600ml-1000ml. To prevent the lower cup from falling when spraying, many customers will purchase a spray bottle with a snap-on lower cup to reduce the risk.
  • Side Pot: A gravity-type that allows the angle of the spray pot to be adjusted for detail spraying. Usually found on guns for spot repairs. It does not require much paint, and the capacity will be 150ml-250ml.
How to select paint cups for spray guns:lower, upper and side-cup
  1. According to materials of paint cups
  • Plastic: For most gravity guns. Also available are disposable paint cups RPS and reusable. Most spray guns will equip with reusable plastic cups. However, if you want to use a disposable paint cup, you will have to install a connector at the fluid inlet, which allows you to use the RPS cups quickly.
  • Metals: Metals cups are divided into aluminum-made and stainless steel ones, which can be applied to all types of spray guns. Due to its Good shade, it can be used for some light-sensitive paints. Stainless steel spray cans are good corrosion resistance for the upper pot. Aluminum for the lower cup, the weight is lighter and resistant to fall.

High-quality paint cups will last for one year or more. But sometimes, to improve efficiency, painters will prepare several spray cans to hold different paints and save time for cleaning. However, if you use a poor-quality spray can, it may be deformed in 2-3 months, and there is the problem of paint leakage. So when choosing a paint cup, it is best to buy from the original manufacturer or choose better quality, and remember to follow up regularly to avoid the impact on the spraying work.

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