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Why are professional guns costly?

Each time our sales representatives give a quote to our customers, their first reaction is, “Your gun is expensive. Indeed, our factory-made guns are not cheap like other Chinese factories. Because we only offer professionals, not DIYers, and they require a high degree of granularity and atomization of the liquid sprayed.

Why our professional guns are costly?
It costs more than ordinary spray guns, from material selection to machine manufacturing. We have a consistent and professional approach to spray guns that does not sacrifice quality for the price.

How can we build up the excellent quality of spray guns?

High-required craftsmanship
The core components of a spray gun are three pieces: air cap, nozzle, and needle. They make up half of the gun’s budget. In terms of material selection, professional guns are more concerned with durability, wear resistance, and good-handing. This is why forged aluminum, A-class copper, stainless steel, and other raw materials are usually used. Secondly, ordinary guns are produced by the assembly line, and the requirements for accuracy are not strict. In contrast, professional spray guns use professional CNC machining center processing. We require 0.01mm or fewer tolerances and a smooth, even surface on the small parts. Especially in processing small holes in the air cap, you need to ensure the accuracy of each corner hole. More labor costs and equipment costs were paid.

Control of surface details
The appearance of the spray gun is also essential, unlike ordinary guns with polishing or plating treatment. Professional guns generally use anodizing, which is easier to clean and more beautiful. Of course, the cost is also several times higher than the spray.

High-quality spare parts
The spare parts and accessories are equally important—brushes, connectors, wrenches, etc. Unlike ordinary guns, professional guns require more specialized tools to ensure that customers can repair the gun themselves without damaging essential parts while using more practical and long-lasting tools.

Heavy-duty packaging
In the packaging, the use of better hardness of the color box, and better material bags, significantly improved the damage to the gun during transport.

Some brands of spray guns are also expensive because of the brand effect they have, which dramatically increases the product’s added value. Whether it is an expensive gun or a cheap gun, the end-user should buy according to their budget and the purpose of spraying. And buyers also need to consider the quality stability of the product when purchasing in large quantities, rather than just pursuing price.

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